Sigur Rós.

There are so many ways to be happy. There are so many ways to feel content. And so, I would love to share with you readers what makes me happy for the past year.

Good musics will change everything. Good musics can repair your wounds. Good musics can create a life transition. I believe music is one of the best creation on earth. It doesnt matter what types of music you love as long as you feel good about it. 

Well you know what, I managed to catch most of my favorite bands live here, in Malaysia. it started with the Icelandic god, Sigur Rós on 25th Nov 2012 at the Urbanscapes Fest. At first, I bought tickets to watch them live in Singapore, but I had to pass because my sister got married on the same date, luckily Urbanscapes managed to bring them here in Malaysia and it was so amazing, words could not describe how I felt that time. I was so so so happy, so bless to be alive, so bless that I could watch them live and stand in the first row. It was surreal. It was Sigur Rós. It was them right in front of my eyes, doing what they do best. I can not stop talking about them for months, about how amazing they were that night. I still remember every details about it. When the rain hit the ground alongside with magical sounds. Everything is pure. I love everything about that night. I love Sigur Rós. And I will always love them.

Im using my iPod 4th Gen to capture the photos above, that explains the quality, but hey, Im glad I have my iPod with me that time! See ya on the next post. Love, Fika Ahmad.