Why do I feel like I do not belong in anywhere? I cannot be with a person for too long. They cannot own me. I cannot own them. I can feel the existence of gap. Why when everything is wonderful in the beginning but ended up as suck as hell? Why I fucked up in everything? Why so hard to be with one another? Why suddenly I feel so attached and just with a blink of an eye I don’t feel it anymore? Why hate when the main intention is to love? I don’t understand the situation I’m in right now. I couldn’t figure out what’s happening around me?

Things flow too fast, I walk too slow, I barely walk to be exact, I crawl, crawl to search the right path to stand, and then walk, walk with confident. I want that feelings. The feelings of feel right about everything, no doubts in my mind only the whispers of “go, don’t stop. Go, everything is fine. Go, don’t worry about everything. Run, run faster. Run, run harder, reach everything, grab everything, everything is yours, none to be lost, everything is permanent. All rights reserved. Run, as fast as your leg could run, go, fall in love without having a thought of what ifs? Smile without having a thought of if anyone ever notices? Do everything you want, do everything you desire, I got your back, I’ll back up everything for you. The world is yours. GO, DON’T STOP, NOW GO.

If only anyone could ever understands how and what I feel every day.